Sales Taxes in Connecticut-lower than NY, about same as MA

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Sales taxes are often overlooked in the dialogue about tax rates.  In many states, the sales tax is allowed at both the state and local level—but not Connecticut.  Which is why Connecticut has the 11th highest statewide tax among the States, and yet 31st overall, according to a new report by the Tax Foundation, a research group.

Connecticut’s 6.35% state sales tax rate–and with no local sales taxes–puts it 31st highest in the country for a combined sales tax.  Massachusetts has a combined sales tax rate of 6.25%, so it is 33rd highest.  New York has a 4.0 state sales tax, and an average local tax rate of 4.487%, so its combined sales tax rate on average is 8.487, 38th highest in the country.

Here’s the link to the 2013 sales tax rates among the States, which is published by The Tax Foundation:

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