Feature Friday: No One Thinks They are Being Unreasonable

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I read a blog post by author, blogger, marketer Seth Godin the other day, titled “No One is Unreasonable.”  Seth pinpoints the fact that although few people say, “I know that this Reasonable Manperson signed the contract and did what they promised, but I’m going to rip them off, just because I can,” they often act unreasonably and fail to see the situation in a way other than through their own narrative lens.

In business, many people act in unreasonable ways, even though, in their own version of events, they think they are acting reasonably.  Point out that they’re acting unreasonably, and they often fly off the handle in a vicious tirade.  “Are you questioning my integrity?” they angrily ask.  Seeing the world through the eyes of someone else takes a lot of effort.

“No One Is Unreasonble” is a very brief, thoughtful blogpost by Seth, and I am providing the link for it below, so you can give it a read, and think also about your own narrative, and the way you justify your unreasonableness:



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