“..worked quickly to help my company reach the goals we set and achieved exactly what was requested.”

After practicing for a decade in prominent  New York City law firms and serving as general counsel to a nationwide investment firm,  Stephen Ganis  continues to counsel clients in commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and business services. The law firm has handled matters in almost any location represented clients have needed its services.The clients range in size from small start-ups to large, publicly-traded companies.  Areas of practice include:

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  • Acquisition and disposition of business assets;        

  • Business startups;                                                                   

  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and leases such as software licenses, sales, supply and distribution agreements;       

  • Corporate governance issues and regulatory compliance.

We are different in that we use a business and legal analysis to provide large firm expertise at small firm value.  No matter what is the scope of engagement, the firm focuses on:

  • clients’ business priorities, and legal issues;

  • being accessible and responsive

  • providing fees that are straightforward and fair

  • keeping an eye on the business goals and getting deals done

We work with and supervise a team of experienced co-counsel on immigration, wealth preservation planning, and criminal defense matters.

Members of our office are fluent in Spanish.  Mr. Ganis is also admitted to practice in New York.


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